Sightseeing the Krakatoa Island and Its Majestic Aura

An extreme trip to Krakatoa Island sounds interesting. The location is in the middle of Sunda Strait. As the name implies, it is the home of majestic Krakatoa Mountain. The size of the island is small, actually. Here is the fact. It is the youngest island in Indonesia. The island was formed due to a great explosion in the past. Today, it becomes a good spot for sightseeing and exploring nearby islands. One thing, the island is considered dangerous. That means tourists aren’t allowed to get too close to it.

The Nuance
In terms of size, the island is considered small. Most part of the island is covered by sand and ashes. Still, there are some trees on it. The mountain looks like a gigantic pimple. It emits an endless ash and smoke. From afar, you can witness such great sight freely. The thing is you should do this on a boat. Thus, a camera and telescope would be good tools to carry. Don’t forget to wear a hat. The weather is quite hot, especially during summer.

Exploring Krakatoa Island
Even though you aren’t allowed to get on the island, there are other attractions nearby. For instance, you must try snorkeling. According to some experts, there are 3 great spots for snorkeling near to the island. These include Lagoon, Sebuku Besar, and Sebuku Kecil. For a better navigation, you should take advantage of a tour guide. He may bring you to those locations fast and safely. You must pay him well, though. Also, make sure to visit during good weather. The waves aren’t too strong at that time.

For those who love photography, the island offers numerous objects. You can get outstanding results, for sure. Even beginners can capture good pictures there. Here is the thing. You are going to take shots from the boat. A good camera is a must! At least, you must use a camera that comes with a zoom feature. Why is that? It helps you capture objects from afar. An expensive camera gives better results. It is common sense, after all. If you don’t like photography, you can simply observe the island from afar. In this case, you need field glasses.

Once you enjoy good times exploring Krakatoa Island, it is time to visit nearby attractions. In fact, there are many small islands scattered in Sunda Strait. These include Sebesi and Lagoon. What you need is a good boat. You may need it to perform an island hopping, later. The rent fee is expensive during holidays. Thus, make sure to prepare much money prior to hiring it. Not to mention you should prepare some snacks and bottled water.

Nearby Attractions

  • Ujung Kulon National Park
  • Siger Bakauheni Tower

How to Get There
First, head to Merak Port from Jakarta. The trip usually takes about 3 hours. From there, you can take a ferry to Bakauheni Port. The voyage takes about 2-3 hours. Once you reach the destination, you can rent a small boat in Canti Port. It is the point to reach Krakatoa Island and nearby attractions.

Where to Stay

  • Casa Krakatoa

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