Visiting a Sandy Coast in Pandeglang Regency - Batu Hideung Beach

Banten is famous for its beaches. In Pandeglang Regency, there is a serene beach called Batu Hideung. The location is in Cipenyu. It belongs to Tanjung Jaya Village and Panimbang District, actually. It is easy to reach the beach since it is adjacent to Tanjung Lesung Beach. To be exact, it is situated in the west area. Today, the beach has become one of the best attractions in Tanjung Jaya. In terms of popularity, it is not as famous as Tanjung Lesung. However, they share the same qualities.

The Nuance
It is hard to describe the beauty of Batu Hideung Beach. First, it is related to the coast. The waves are moderate. Swimming is possible but it is not recommended. Next, it is the sand. Such pastel color is quite mesmerizing. Not to mention it has a soft texture. Near to the seashore, you can find several beach loungers with an umbrella. They are quite perfect for relaxation and watch sea scenery. In the back, you can notice several plants and trees. There is also a green hill nearby.

Exploring Batu Hideung Beach
This is a pure tourist location. That means the beach features an unspoiled beauty. You won’t find scattered trash there. There are no facilities, as well. That means you can’t find hotels, food vendors, restaurants, and other types of amenities. What you get is only nature. Due to this reason, you must have prepared some foods and drinks prior to visiting the beach. If you want to rent a room, there are some villas in Legon. Put your belongings there and start to explore the beach right away!

Beach walking is a good idea. Tourists are able to get around Batu Hideung Beach and enjoy serene atmosphere. In the sea, you may witness some fishermen. If you are lucky, you are allowed to buy the fishes and grill them at night! Thus, it is better to carry some BBQ equipment. It becomes a merrier adventure if you come with friends or families, actually. Therefore, don’t come to Batu Hideung if you are alone. At least, you should come with your spouse or lover.

Another potential activity is cycling. You can rent a bicycle and get around the beach enthusiastically. Some parts of the coast are safe for cycling, after all. Once you have explored all parts of Batu Hideung, you should visit a nearby beach. It is Tanjung Lesung! Both the beauty and nuance are similar to the previous beach. However, you find more tourists in that location. No wonder, it is more popular among travelers.

Nearby Attractions

  • Tanjung Lesung Beach

How to Get There
So, how can you get to Batu Hideung Beach? From Jakarta, you can directly head to Panimbang District, Banten. Next, you should head to Tanjung Jaya Village and Cipenyu. The fastest route is Pantura Street. The whole trip takes about 4 ½ hours and the distance is roughly 185 km. Once you reach Cipenyu, you should go straight for about 5 km. This brings you directly to your final destination!

Where to Stay

  • Blue Fish Hotel
  • Bay Villas
  • Tanjung Lesung Resort
  • Legon Villa

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