Cimanggung Waterfall in Cinoyong Village, Banten Province

In Banten Province, you can find many waterfalls. The locals call them curug. For example, there is Curug Cimanggung. It is located in Cinoyong Village. Is it quite popular? Many people visit it for enjoying an unspoiled beauty. It also gives a peaceful ambiance. The location is also near to Cianjeng Waterfall. That means you can visit two different falls simultaneously. Apart from its beauty, tourists take advantage of its challenging landscape. Thus, it is an opportunity for trekking. Dare you to try?

The Nuance
In terms of appearance, Curug Cimanggung emits a soothing nuance. It is similar to a cliff. The water falls in a moderate manner. Below, you can find several rocks. No worries, you can climb on them. The thing is they can be slippery, sometimes. Due to this reason, you should wear comfortable and safe footwear. Also, you are likely to get wet. Make sure to bring extra clothes. Next, there is an important precaution. You are not allowed to jump off the fall! Don’t ask why.

Exploring Cimanggung Waterfall
You can do many things in the location. For example, you can simply play in the water. The falls feature refreshing water, so you can enjoy it wholeheartedly. It is true you are going to get wet. Thus, you should have prepared extra clothes. If you carry a mobile phone or other gadgets, make sure to keep them away from water! Some parts of the falls are slippery, as well. Due to this reason, you should not walk around carelessly. A careless move will hurt you. 

Next, it is possible to trek near to Cimanggung Waterfall. Even though the landscape isn’t quite satisfying, it is good for trekking. This requires good stamina, though. If you come with kids, make sure to watch them well. During trekking, you should carry a camera. It is because you should never miss an opportunity to take pictures on nearby objects. The best thing to capture is lunar rainbows at night. If you are lucky, you are going to encounter such phenomenon! For many, visiting the waterfall in the evening is not a good idea, though.

Another interesting thing to do is eating lunch near to the falls. Thus, make sure to carry some snacks and lunch boxes. There is one rule. You should never litter! Once you enjoy the feast, you can go back to Cinoyong Village. From there, you can either go home or continue your adventure. For your information, there are many recommended tourist spots nearby.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Curug Cimanggung is situated in Cinoyong Village. Thus, you need to head to such settlement right away regardless of your location. From Jakarta, the distance is about 154 km. That means you need to spend at least 3 ½ hours. For the fastest route, you must take Pantura Street. Follow it until you find Tangerang – Merak Freeway. When it comes to the types of transportation, you can use either a bus or a car.

Where to Stay

  • Lippo Carita Hotel
  • Casa Krakatoa
  • Hawaii Resort

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