A Vacation in Carita Beach, Banten Province

When holidays come, many people are visiting beaches. The problem is there are many options available. In Banten, there is a recommended destination called Carita. Most of the visitors are families. Sometimes, several couples visit it for a romantic date. Regardless of the reason, Carita is suitable for everyone. In terms of popularity, it is the same as Anyer, Tanjung Lesung, and Karang Bolong. That means the beauty isn’t bad either. On top of that, the location is near to other beaches. You can visit them one at a time.

The Nuance
In terms of beauty, Carita Beach offers both beauty and serenity. The seashore is sloping and the waves are moderate. The wind is gusty and refreshing. The color of the sand is pastel. These features make a perfect landscape! In some parts of the beach, there are several “saung”. It is the local name for cottages. They are situated near to coconut trees and another type of plants. Those cottages are built on a grassy area. What a comfortable location for relaxation!

Exploring Carita Beach
Even the government has made an official statement regarding the status of the beach. It is open for public. One of the best attractions is a nautical beauty. It is rich in resources such as seaweeds, fishes, etc. Sightseeing is a common activity in Carita. You can simply sit in a cottage and witness flawless scenery of the sea. The sound of the waves is calming, as well. In the horizon, you are able to see the shape of a majestic mountain, called Krakatoa.

Apart from sea scenery, Carita Beach is also famous for its fauna. If you come at the right time, you can see several animals like crab-eating macaque, langurs, eagles, snakes, lizards, falcons, and much more. They often come out in summer, actually. When it comes to flora, you can find several species such as teak, mahogany, and crepe myrtle. All of them create a fantastic nuance. No wonder, many nature lovers visit the beach over time.

The most common activity is beach walking. Apart from that, you can try other fun activities as well. These include playing kite, jet skiing, diving, playing banana boat, snorkeling, and others. If you don’t like those things, you can simply sit and witness a majestic Krakatoa Mountain. In the end of the day, you can enjoy snacks and foods. Seafood is the best culinary in Carita. Also, make sure to buy a fresh coconut drink! If you need some information regarding such tourist location, there are some officials nearby. They are quite friendly.

Nearby Attractions

  • Matahari Beach
  • Citaman Jiput Fountain
  • Curug Putri

How to Get There
The simplest route to Carita Beach is through Anyer. That means you are going to use West Cilegon freeway. One thing, the traffic is quite high during holidays. As an alternative, you can use another route. It heads to Pandeglang City through West Serang freeway. For a simpler trip, you can take advantage of a driver. That means you will rent a car along with the driver.

Where to Stay

  • Dessy Cottage
  • Parahyangan Cottage
  • Carita Baka-Baka

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