Enjoying a Unique Tourism in Cipanon Village, Tanjung Lesung

Banten Province holds numerous nature tourist spots. Though, you should also pay attention to a village called Cipanon. It becomes an interesting location for tourism nowadays. The location is near to Tanjung Lesung. The locals recognize it as a place for an outbound and family outing. Not to mention the government is developing Cipanon as a conservation area and tourist spot for everyone. Most of the visitors are those who live near to the beach in Sunda Strait. They come for witnessing fishermen’s activity, sightseeing the sunrise, nature tourism, etc.

The Nuance
One you reach the location, you can see a faultless landscape of Cipanon. It features some traditional structures and facilities. In terms of nature, it is surrounded by several types of trees. Since it is located near to the beach, the wind is quite gusty. During summer, the heat of the sun is considered uncomfortable. Make sure to wear proper clothes. If necessary, you should apply some sunscreen. Next, there are some facilities available. This includes a restaurant located near to the coast. Eating good foods and enjoying sea scenery are a good combination! 

Exploring Cipanon Village
The most common activity is to fee the seagulls. These birds often pass by, so you may encounter many of them later. Though, they only come during a migration phase. Make sure to get the right schedule! In the morning, you can witness an activity of local fishermen. They are heading to the sea using their small boat. Somehow, their silhouette looks beautiful from afar. Not to mention you have an opportunity to enjoy the sunrise. Don’t forget to carry a camera and capture such beautiful moment.

The locals call this tourist spot “Kampung Cipanon”. It is a well-maintained conservation and tourist spot, actually. It is managed by Banten people. Once you enjoy a beautiful morning on the beach, it is time for other attractions. For instance, there is a coral conservation. Tourists will be taught how to plant and take care of corals. The purpose is to increase the number of corals in the sea. This way, fishes and other sea creatures have a better home underwater. Not to mention it helps improve nautical beauty nearby.

There are other attractions nearby. If you love religious tourism, you can visit a good place called Sunda Kelapa Mosque. In some occasions, the locals hold a group prayer. They call it “pengajian”. The number of people joining such event is more than 100. Somehow, it becomes an interesting 

Nearby Attractions

  • Tanjung Lesung Marine Park
  • Tanjung Lesung Beach
  • Bodur Beach

How to Get There
Cipanon Village is located near to Tanjung Lesung. Thus, you should head to such location directly. Usually, tourists use a route to Anyer. You can use the same route, as well. Once you reach Anyer-Carita coast, you should head to Labuan. This is your primary way to Tanjung Lesung. If you come from Jakarta, you can use Jakarta-Merak freeway. Your exit point is in West Cilegon gate. From here, you can take a route to Anyer. 

Where to Stay

  • Tanjung Lesung Resort
  • Blue Fish Hotel
  • Kalicaa Villa

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