Cipenyu Beach in Tanjung Jaya Village, Banten Province

Indonesia is famous for its beautiful beaches. In Banten Province, there is one called Cipenyu Beach. The location is in Tanjung Jaya Village and it belongs to Panimbang District. Here is the fact. The beach is situated adjacent to Tanjung Lesung Beach. It is situated in the west part of such beach. Another important aspect is the nuance. Cipenyu has an unspoiled beauty and atmosphere. With these things in mind, you can take advantage of the beach as a great location for relaxing and sightseeing.

The Nuance
As mentioned earlier, Cipenyu Beach emits a serene nuance. Not many people visit the beach, so you can explore it comfortably. The sand is soft and white. When it comes to the water, it is quite strong. Somehow, it is not safe for swimming and performing many water sports. The beach also features several trees. They are shady and green. Not to mention they give a comforting nuance to this area. On top of that, gusty wind gives you a chilling sensation. It helps you enjoy good times on the coast, for sure.

Exploring Cipenyu Beach
So, what can people do in Cipenyu Beach? First things come first. It is beach walking. The sand has a soft texture and it is beautiful. You don’t even need to wear footwear to walk on it. The shoreline isn’t quite long, though. What about the beauty? In terms of appearance, Cipenyu is considered more beautiful than Jimbaran. Some experts have approved it, in fact. From the seashore, you are able to witness the stunning Krakatoa Mountain. 

Next, you can ride a jeep or similar vehicles to explore the rough landscape near to Cipenyu Beach. This activity is suitable for those who love an extreme sport. If not, you can simply enjoy the serenity of the coast. This virgin beach provides flawless nature, so you can get rid of your burden there. The combination of gusty wind and sound of waves is quite soothing. On top of that, there are no disturbances such as illegal vendors. What you can see is only nature.

There are no nearby hotels and restaurants. If you want to spend much time in Cipenyu Beach, you should have prepared everything. These include money, foods, and drinks. When it comes to an accommodation, there is a recommended villa in Legon Penyu. At the end of the vacation, it is time to visit Batu Hideung Village. In this location, you can swim in the seawater. It is because the water is calmer and warmer. Also, don’t forget to enjoy some local foods such as Laksa and Sum-Sum Rice.

Nearby Attractions

  • Tanjung Lesung Beach
  • Batu Hideung Village

How to Get There
It costs no entry fee to reach Cipenyu Beach. If you come from Jakarta Special Region, you may spend about 4 hours. For a faster trip, make sure to ride a good vehicle. In this case, a private care is quite recommended. The distance is roughly 182 km. That means it is going to be a long trip! Thus, don’t forget to carry bottled water and snacks.

Where to Stay

  • Tanjung Lesung Resort
  • Blue Fish Hotel

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