Curug Putri in Sanghiangdengdek Village, Banten Province

If you love nature tourism, you should visit Banten Province. It is the home of numerous waterfalls. One of them is situated in Pandeglang Regency. The name is Curug Putri. It is actually a secluded fall. That means it takes more efforts to reach the location. However, there are two waterfalls with the same name in Banten. One of them is situated in Pulosari. Another Curug Putri is situated in Carita District. The second one is considered more popular. Thus, it attracts more visitors as the time goes by. 

The Nuance
A refreshing nuance becomes the main feature in Curug Putri. The sound of water brings an inner peace to you. The waterfall is surrounded by wild plants. The green plants create a soothing mood there. There is a shallow pond, as well. You can play in the water without worries. Since it is located in a secluded area, you won’t expect many visitors. That location is suitable for both relaxation and self-reflecting. Do you want to eradicate stresses? Thus, you must visit Curug Putri.

Exploring Curug Putri
Even though Curug Putri is considered a waterfall, most visitors come for its river. In terms of appearance, it is similar to Green Canyon Pangandaran. Both of them share similar characteristics, after all. The most common activity is body rafting. This place is suitable for those who love nature tourism! If you like swimming, you should visit it as well. The size of the river isn’t quite wide, though. Not to mention the location is a little bit isolated. No worries. You can take advantage of a local guide to reach the fall.

Curug Putri is recognized as a new tourist spot in Carita District. It opens for public since 2013. Apart from water activities, you can explore the landscape freely. Therefore, this gives you an opportunity for trekking. There are other activities to do, though. These include photography, cycling, hiking, and relaxation. All of them give you a memorable experience. Next, you can visit another Curug Putri, which is located in Cilentung Village. In terms of nuance, both of them are also similar. Though, this one features a hot spring!

As for the tips, it is better to go to Curug Putri with a private vehicle. Why is that? It gives you comfort and economic value. Not to mention it is a faster option of a vehicle. Next, you should come in the morning. It gives you a more refreshing mood. Also, you won’t encounter many visitors yet. Another tip is related to the clothes. You may get wet there, so you need to carry extra clothes.

Nearby Attractions

  • Karang Mountain
  • Citaman Jiput Fountain

How to Get There
Your primary destination is Carita District, Banten. If you come from Jakarta, it takes about 3-4 hours depending on the type of vehicle. The trip has the distance about 127 km. Thus, it is going a long journey. The fastest route is through Pantura Street. Next, you can use Tangerang-Merak Freeway. For a better and faster trip, it is recommended to ride a car. If you don’t have a private car, you can rent it. If necessary, you need to hire a driver. 

Where to Stay

  • Lippo Carita Hotel
  • Bali de Anyer Hotel
  • Sunset View Hotel
  • Riz Hotel

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