Curug Gendang in Pandeglang Regency, Banten Province

A vacation in Banten Province is quite worthy. Why is that? You can find many types of attractions. For nature lovers, there is Curug Gendang. The location is in Sukarame Village. It belongs to Carita District, Pandeglang. It is a beautiful waterfall with a serene atmosphere. Curug means “waterfall” and Gendang means “tambour”. It is because the sound of falling water is similar to that of the drum. Somehow, it creates a peaceful feeling. Visitors can feel relaxed and mesmerized by it. In the past, the name was Curug Citajur, though. 

The Nuance
The falls feature a comfortable atmosphere. Thanks to nearby trees. In terms of size, Curug Gendang has the height of 7 meters. There is a pond below. The depth is 13 meters and the width is about 10 meters. In some occasions, local tourists would jump off the falls. It is safe, after all. The water in the pond has the color of green Tosca. It feels fresh, especially in the morning. If you don’t want to encounter other visitors, you should come in the morning and during working days. This way, it feels like a vacation in a private tourist spot. 

Exploring Curug Gendang
Once you park your vehicle in Sukarame Village, it is time to reach the waterfall. It requires a few minutes of walking. The route to the location is a little bit challenging. Not to mention you are going to encounter some slippery stones. Fortunately, many types of flora and fauna will be your companion along the way to Gendang Waterfall. This tiring trip is rewarding. Once you reach the location, you may forget such burdens in an instant. After all, you are visiting one of the best falls in Banten. 

The first thing to do is to relax near to the fall. You can listen to the unique sound of the water. As mentioned before. It sounds like a tambour. Relaxation is the primary thing to do in Gendang Fall. The combination of water sound and serene nuance brings a peaceful mood there. Thus, you can replenish your mind and eradicate any types of burdens. Sometimes, you can hear the sound of birds and insect. They often appear during summer, so you need to choose the right time visiting the waterfall. 

Curug Gendang features a pond. That means you are able to swim and play water in it. There is a rumor, as well. The locals consider the water has a healing power. It makes sense as you can relax your muscles in such refreshing water. Sometimes, several kids from the nearby village come to the waterfall for jumping. They climb up the top of the falls and jump off from such location freely. It is quite a sight. Tourists will be astonished by those kids’ attraction. 

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
So, are you visiting Curug Gendang in the near future? In this case, you must head to Carita District first. From Jakarta, take Pantura Street to Pandeglang Regency. It takes about 4 hours, so you should have prepared a good vehicle and stamina. Once you reach Carita, it is time to visit Sukarame Village.

Where to Stay

  • Karibia Krakatau Hotel
  • Bagedur Hotel
  • Rahayu Hotel

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