Florida Anyer Beach in Ciparay Village, Banten

Those who have been in Banten are aware of Anyer Beach. However, there are many options of beaches to visit. For example, there is Florida Beach. One thing, it is not related to that of the United States’ Florida State. The location is in Ciparay Village. Most of the visitors come to this beach for either relaxing or witnessing the sunset. The entry fee is cheap, so it won’t be a burden at all. Some people from Jakarta also choose that beach as their place for recreation. What about you?

The Nuance
In terms of appearance, it emits a merrier nuance than nearby beaches. There is a sloping coconut tree in the shoreline. It is considered an icon of that tourist spot. In fact, you can climb on it without hassles. Some people sit under such tree for relaxing. It gives them a shady spot to relax, after all. The others choose to play in the seashore. Even though the waves aren’t big, swimming is not recommended. Fortunately, the locals provide life tires for tourists. You need to rent it, though. With this, you can swim in the water safely.

Exploring Florida Anyer Beach
The breezy wind hits you once you reach Florida Anyer Beach. In terms of beauty, it is definitely astonishing. You won’t get disappointed at all. In front of the coast, you can find a small isle. It becomes a unique sight nearby. Next, the beach is quite sloping and the waves are moderate. There was a bridge nearby. For some reason, it collapsed. The remains of the bridge become good spots for photography. Thus, you should carry your camera when visiting the beach.

The location is suitable for either sightseeing or a family vacation. It is because you can find several outstanding facilities nearby. If you don’t like swimming, you only need to sit on a mat and enjoy the sea scenery with your families. Usually, the kids would love to enjoy water sports. In this case, you should watch them carefully. Make sure they don’t swim sloppily. As an alternative, you can rent a life vest or similar items. It helps them play in the water safely.

In the afternoon, it is time to enjoy the sunset. The sky becomes red and you can see several boats on the horizon. If you bring a camera, you can capture beautiful moments there. Also, make sure to bring snacks and drinks. It is likely you won’t spend money on nearby food stands. The sellers often take advantage of innocent tourists. They put unreasonable prices to their items!

Nearby Attractions

  • Anyer Beach
  • Lembah Hijau Bandulu

How to Get There
In order to reach Florida Baech, you should head to Anyer. It will be a short trip for those who live in Banten. On the other hand, it takes up to 3 hours if you come from Jakarta. The simplest route is Pantura Street. It becomes more comfortable without high traffic, as well. The distance is approximately 130 km. If you use a good vehicle, it can be faster. Thus, it is recommended to ride a private or rented car.

Where to Stay

  • Banten Beach Resort
  • Jayakarta Hotel
  • Sanhyang Resort

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