Approaching Baduy Rural Community in Lebak Regency, Banten

Banten Province is an interesting vacation destination. It is located in the westernmost of Java Island. What makes it so special? Many types of tourism are available there. This includes Baduy Village. This traditional settlement belongs to Lebak Regency and the location is about 40 km from Rangkasbitung. To be exact, it is situated in Cibeo rural community. People who live in Baduy are considered isolated from the outer world. That means they retain their local culture well. Due to this reason, tourists are interested in visiting such secluded settlement. 

The Nuance
The village situated in the midst of a forest. Once you have arrived at Baduy Village, you can see several traditional houses. They are made of woods and bamboos. These houses are surrounded by tall trees. It seems those people are living well in nature. There is a dirt road in front of such settlement. Some bushes become the main feature near to it. When it comes to an atmosphere, it is solemn as if there are no people living in the village. Also, the big trees create a peaceful nuance there.

Exploring Baduy Village
The main attraction in Baduy Village is definitely the local people. They are called Baduy Tribe. Another name is Kenekes. As a tourist, you can learn several unique cultures of those people. For example, they don’t have any vehicles. In fact, they prohibit the use of any types of vehicles in the village. Also, they avoid using any footwear! No wonder, you may see them go barefoot all the time. Not to mention they refuse wearing modern clothes. Here is the thing. They don’t use any type of technology. 

The next unique thing about Baduy Village is the houses. There is a rule regarding how to build a house in the village. For instance, the door should face either north or south. There is an exception for the leader of the tribe. He is called Pu’un, for your information. All of these things are quite interesting. Apart from tourists, some historians and culture lovers would like to visit the village. No worries. Even though Baduy people are strict with their culture, they are friendly to visitors. 

If you can speak local, you can get along well with those people. If not, you should hire a local guide. He acts as your interpreter. There is a chance to enjoy local specialties, as well. For example, there are Balok Cake, White Apem, Labuan’s Otak-Otak, and Emping! These are indeed delicious and unique. You can’t find them in your town. That’s for sure. So, what’s next? At the end of your trip, you can either go back to your hotel room or stay overnight in a villager’s house. The second option is more recommended, though.

Nearby Attractions

  • Baros indah Permai
  • Gudawang Cave
  • Halimun Salak National Park
  • Bagedur Beach

How to Get There
In order to reach Baduy Rural Community, you should head to Lebak Regency first. Next, you can directly visit Cibeo Village. You can use different types of vehicles. A private car is recommended. During the trip, you may reach a checkpoint called Rangkasbitung. From there, you can head to Cibeo. The last trip features walking, though. As mentioned before, Baduy people don’t allow any vehicles in their area.

Where to Stay

  • Rahayu Hotel
  • Bangkit Hotel
  • Pesona Ayu Hotel
  • Stay overnight in a Baduy’s house

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