Kerang Beach in Panimbang Jaya Village, Banten Province

There are many ways to relieve stresses. One of them is to visit natural attractions, especially beaches. In Panimbang Jaya Village, there is Kerang Beach. It becomes one of the unique beaches in Banten Province, in fact. Kerang means “shell” in English. As the name implies, you may encounter numerous shells in the shorelines. Most of the visitors are families and teenagers. The thing is each visitor has different purposes in visiting the beach. Most of the time, they want to play in the sand and gather several shells. Kids love this activity much.

The Nuance
The most noticeable part in Karang Beach is the gate. There is the name of the beach carved in the gate. It says “Pantai Kerang Marina & Resort”. Once you pass this gate, you may see several types of trees. These include coconut and pine trees. The formation of trees and grasses make a peaceful nuance. The path to the beach is also comfortable. You can either walk or ride a vehicle to reach the seashore. The next attraction you may see is the flawless beauty of seawater and sand. What a great view!

Exploring Kerang Beach
The best attraction in Karang Beach is the sea view. From the shorelines, you are able to witness an open sea. It is part of Sunda Strait, actually. Not to mention you are able to view a majestic Krakatoa Mountain from afar. The beach also offers a stunning sunset panorama. In this case, you need to come at the right time. What’s next? There is Liwungan Island. The location is quite near to the beach. You only need to ride a speedboat for about 5 minutes to reach the island.

As mentioned before, Karang Beach has a signature attraction. It is the shell. You can find many of them in the sand. Kids would love it. That means you can collect the shells with your kids, so it helps you improve your relationship with them. Once you have enjoyed such activity, it is time to head back to the resort. There are numerous facilities to enjoy such as cottages, swimming pool, meeting room, boutique, gazebos, and much more. You can even rent bicycles and boats to explore nearby locations.

For beginners, there is even a local guide. The resort also features a keeper. That means you can collect information from this person. The best time to explore Kerang Beach is during holidays. This way, you can meet other visitors and enjoy the holiday together. Here is the thing. Not many people know the existence of the beach. Hopefully, it gets more visitors in the future. The local government even has conducted some promotions to expose the beach.

Nearby Attractions

  • Curug Gendang
  • Tanjung Lesung Beach
  • Bodur Beach
  • Liwungan Island

How to Get There
A trip to Kerang Beach takes about 163 km. That means you may spend about 4-5 hours using a regular vehicle from Jakarta. The best route is definitely Pantura Street as it is faster. Your primary destination is Panimbang Jaya Village. From there, you only need to look for the gate of the beach. As an alternative, you can ask a direction from the locals.

Where to Stay

  • Karibia Krakatau Hotel
  • Kerang Marina Resort

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