A Romantic Nuance of Bagedur Beach in Malingping, Lebak Regency Banten

Banten Province is popular among travelers. It is because of the nature tourism and beaches. Here is a recommendation. There is a beautiful beach located in Malingping District. Then name is Bagedur. It belongs to Lebak Regency, actually. Even though it is not as popular as Anyer Beach, it always attracts more visitors every weekend. Usually, tourists would like to enjoy either sunrise or sunset. Some people also come to Begadur for riding their motocross or ATV. Regardless of the activity, it is a worthy coast to visit!

The Nuance
The atmosphere becomes calmer in the afternoon. The silhouettes of visitors are seen across the shorelines. These give you a peaceful mood, for sure. The seawater is considered strong. That means swimming is not recommended. In the seashore, the sand is flawless and soft. You can write your name on it. Not to mention it becomes a perfect area for beach walking. There are no trees near to the beach, though. What you can see is a vast coastal area! The length is roughly 10 km. In terms of appearance, it is sloping. No wonder, some tourists use it as a spot for extreme rallies. 

Exploring Bagedur Beach
Bagedur always has visitors. Thanks to the beauty of sea scenery. In fact, it has the same level of attraction as other beaches in Banten. Not to mention it has an unspoiled landscape. The location is near to a small village called Sukamanah. That means you can also explore a traditional settlement when visiting the beach. It is situated in the south part of Banten actually. That means the waves share the characteristics as other southern beaches. However, the accessibility is a little bit more difficult than beaches in the western part of Banten.

The best attraction is the sloping condition of the seashore. It also has stunning white sand. The length of the shoreline is roughly 15 km. You can do many things in this vast coastline. Beach walking is one of them. Tourists may enjoy clear blue seawater while witnessing the race of waves. The wind is gusty, so it gives you a cool sensation. What about swimming? It is possible, but you should be careful. The south beaches are known for their rough and big waves! It is better to be safe than sorry.

Unfortunately, you can’t find any boat rent services in Bagedur Beach. That means you can’t get a banana boat either. What you can enjoy are a serene atmosphere and a flawless landscape. Therefore, Bagedur is suitable for relaxation. For those with lots of stresses, you must visit it. The best time to reach the beach is during holidays or weekends. This way, you can meet other tourists. Also, the locals come to the beach for selling foods and snacks. 

Nearby Attractions

  • Pasir Putih Beach Malingping

How to Get There
So, are you ready to visit Bagedur Beach? In this case, your primary destination is Malingping District. You can reach it from numerous cities. For example, it takes about 4 hours from Jakarta and the distance is 181 km. If you come from Pandgelang, it takes 83 km. For those who come from Rangkasbitung, the trip takes approximately 115 km. No worries. It is going a fun trip as long as you use the right vehicle. 

Where to Stay

  • Bagedur Cottage
  • Katon Hotel
  • Rahayu Hotel

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