Visiting Bodur Beach in Panimbang District, Banten

Nature Tourism always becomes the best attraction for tourists. If you are visiting Banten Province, you must consider Bodur Beach. The location is in Panimbang District. It belongs to Pandeglang Regency, actually. Bodur becomes a favorite place for relaxation among locals. However, some foreigners are often seen there. Today, it becomes one of the best beaches in Banten. No one gets bored in visiting that coast. Most of the visitors come from Jakarta. They want to eradicate stresses in such solemn beach.

The Nuance
The first impression in Bodur Beach is its sand. The color is similar to that of the desert. There is a traditional nameplate located there. This sign is noticeable, so tourists can find the location easily. There are several trees but they don’t feature shady leaves. Thus, Bodur emits a vast and sunny atmosphere. In the sea, you may encounter moderate waves. Swimming isn’t recommended there. With these features, Bodur is considered a good place for beach walking and photography. Somehow, people visit it for relaxation as well.

Exploring Bodur Beach
Once you have arrived at the gate of Bodur Beach, it is time to pay the ticket. For many, it is a little bit expensive. No worries. It is a worthy expense. Not to mention it is more affordable than other beaches in Tanjung Lesung. For a cheaper ticket, you should come anytime except holidays and weekends. This way, you can get a less crowded atmosphere and economical entry fee. The beach gives you privacy. It seems like you are spending good times on a private beach.

Beach walking is a common thing to do in Bodur Beach. Tourists can enjoy the breezy wind and soothing sea scenery. If you carry a camera, you can take some good pictures as well. Scattered branches become a common sight in the shorelines. Instead of becoming an obstacle, they create a unique nuance. Do you get hungry while beach walking? In some parts of the parking area, you can find several food stands and souvenir sellers. Make sure to fill your belly there.

In the afternoon, some kids come to Bodur Beach. They are looking for clams and other attractive creatures in the seashore. This is quite a sight. For photographers, these kids can be a distinct object to capture. What’s next? For foreigners, the beach is considered a good place for sunbathing. What about you? It seems such activity doesn’t suit local’s customs. Thus, local tourists aren’t likely to sunbathe in Bodur. Once you enjoy those activities, you can continue your adventure to nearby locations in Tanjung Lesung. Have a nice trip!

Nearby Attractions

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  • Tanjung Lesung Marine Park
  • Kampung Sawah

How to Get There
Bodur Beach is easy to reach. If you come from Jakarta, you can take different routes to Panimbang District. The fastest route is Pantura Street. It is considered a long trip as you need spend about 5 hours. The distance is 179 km, after all. The beach is situated in Tanjung Jaya Village. Thus, you should head to that location right away.

Where to Stay

  • Tanjung Lesung Resort
  • Blue Fish Hotel
  • Kalicaa Villa

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